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5 Amazing Benefits Of Using Hemp Oil For Hair

5 Amazing Benefits Of Using Hemp Oil For Hair

Hemp oil is often referred to as cannabidiol oil or CBD. Both oils are derived from the hemp plant, however, they come from different parts of the plant, making CBD oil a less concentrated version of hemp oil. Hemp oil comes from the seed of the hemp plant, while CBD comes from the flowers, stalks, and leaves. Hemp oils contains protein, fatty acids, and other nutrients, which makes hemp oil for hair due to all of the benefits these components provide.


Hemp oil helps to moisturize your due to the lipids that are inside of it. The lipids help to keep your hair flexible and shiny. Hemp oil is also easily absorbed by the hair stand and scalp, since the hair and scalp are constantly absorbing lipids hemp oil is great for moisturizing. Hemp oil also prevents water loss from the hair and injects that moisture back into the hair and scalp.

This is especially beneficial for individuals with curly hair. Part of the reason why people with curly hair have a hard time keeping their hair moisturized is because the oil that the scalp produces, sebum, does not make it all the way down to the ends of the hair, due to the curl. Hemp oil allows for immediate hydration of curls on contact.


There are three fatty acids that help to stimulate growth, Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. All three of these fatty acids are inside of hemp oil. It helps your hair to grow faster, thicker, and as a result, longer. The protein in hemp oil helps with the production of keratin, what hair is made of, which helps your hair to grow longer. It also improves the blood circulation on the scalp which allows for growth as well, without having to massage your scalp by hand.


In addition to fatty acids and protein hemp oil also has a chemical called gamma linoleic acid or GLA in it, which helps to strengthen your hair strands. The same fatty acids and protein that moisturizes and help your hair to grow also strengthens it to keep it from breaking, since breakage is a result of dry and brittle hair. This also means less split ends.

The Scalp

Scalp help is the most important aspect of healthy hair. Hemp oil treats and prevents dandruff, in addition to illumination scalp irritation. Dandruff is created when the scalp is very dry and starts to crack and break off, dandruff flakes. Hemp oil eliminates dandruff by increasing the blood circulation at the scalp and providing moisture so that the scalp never gets dry to break off.

Dandruff prone skin, untreated, can lead to infection. Due to the blood circulating benefit of hemp oil, it helps to decrease inflammation, preventing and eliminating infection.

Using hemp oil for hair, might be the best thing you’ve done to your hair regime. The primary benefits of moisturizing that hemp oil provides is the foundation to all of the other benefits it has to the hair. Hemp is becoming more popular so you can find hemp shampoos, conditions, or just use the oil itself and add it to the products you already use.

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