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5 Apps which are helpful in business!

5 Apps which are helpful in business!

Doing business is not an easy task. It takes proper planning, operations, and management of activities along with proper review and feedback on the system. There are many requirements for doing business and one need to find the easiest way to fulfill those requirements. The application developers have developed a number of apps which are a boon for the businessman. There are few apps which are specially developed to help out the entire businessman. It provides ease of doing business. Some of the apps are mentioned below so let’s have a look.

Genius Scan

In today time everyone keeps a digital copy of every essential document. Every business requires certain digital copies too. Genius Scan is the application that seriously simplifies the process. It’s a free app. You just need to take a photo of what you need to scan and it will automatically be converted into a JPEG or PDF as per your requirement. The scanned copy will get saved. You are then we to send the scan through your mail app.


This app definitely makes your business processes easy. It can help your company with payroll and taxation and perform these operations well. Gusto along with managing online employee onboarding also managed new hire reporting. It helps in all local and state federal tax filings. It automatically emails digital pay stubs to its employees. It automates deductions for benefits and workers payments.


This is one of the best apps for payments. It has a very simple user interface. It is useful in transferring money from one user to another. One can open the account easily on paytm. You need to do your KYC and after that, you can also make large transactions. This app can also be used for making payments to vendors or accept the payments from customers.

PDF reader

With digitization and awareness towards the tree and environment usage of paper is decreased and with this many of the documents are received electronically. These documents are received in PDF form and hence one cannot check the same if there are no proper applications to open the document. One such application that can be used to view these documents is PDF reader. It supports all formats whether it is PDF, PPT, DOC or DOCX. It also helps the user to change the format of the document.


It has more than 10 million reviews on Google Play. This app is very useful and effective when it comes to video conferencing. Many meetings in the business are done via video conferencing. In that case, you can use Skype to video call or voice call to anyone in the world. It’s one of the important advantages is that it can add up to 25 people together on a call and transmit video, photos or files of any size.

The 9 apps is a known platform where these apps can be downloaded. The facility of easy 9apps install process helps to get download as well as install on the device. So, download these apps and make your business a little easier.

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