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5 Top Features of Cloud Email Advanced Threat Protection

5 Top Features of Cloud Email Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) belongs to a class of security solutions that protect against advanced malware or hacking-based attacks targeting sensitive data. Integrated approaches can be used as software or managed services to safeguard threats.

The threat to IT security is constantly increasing and evolving, particularly as attackers seek to create new ways to exploit and detect new vulnerabilities. Relying on just one process or technology layer to shield your network, data, and users is not enough. Rather, a security solution that will be relevant and successful over time should be based on an agile, scalable architecture that develops and integrates new scanning technology and techniques designed to detect rapidly changing threats. Advanced threat protection for emails has created a simple and easy-to-use email security solution that protects your customers from new and emerging threats without having to deal with the complexity of multiple products and solutions.

Advanced threat protection for email has been introduced as part of the Cloud Security Layer (CPL) functionality of the Email Security Gateway. CPL prevents risks, prevents phishing and zero-day attacks, and provides email protection until it reaches your network. The email reaches through the cloud security layer; Advanced Email Security Gateway threatens email security through more granular methods, additional recipient authentication, quarantine, and other features that you configure on the device or practical machine.

The CPL manages inbound email on behalf of the company, separating the mail server from receiving direct connections and relevant threats from your organization. In addition to Advanced Threat Defense, here are 5 top features advantages of using the cloud protection layer for secure email security gateways along with their best practices for secure emails:

It provides link Security — Sends a misleading URL to a secure URL in a secure message and sends the message to the recipient.

This provides you with typo-squatting protection – the URL search for the famous typo in the domain name in an email message and, if detected, rewrites the URL to the appropriate domain name so that the user visits the target website.

You will get end-user security training – after clicking on the malicious link you will be taken to a landing page, where you can get training exercises and understand what they did wrong and how to avoid repeating that mistake.

It handles email burst – It loads a significant portion of spam email to your email security gateway during peak traffic and the burst of spam, it is delivered over the web.

You will get instant response – Fast alerts in real-time to take advantage of advanced threat protection for email, to stay ahead of rising threats.

Conclusion: Advanced Threat Protection for Email provides real-time protection against all identified and strange advanced threats. The company shares threat information on all security products to ensure that consumer networks, customers, data, and web applications are actively developing safely from threat environments.

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