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9 Ways An Expecting Dad Can Make His Pregnant Partner Extra Special

9 Ways An Expecting Dad Can Make His Pregnant Partner Extra Special

Pregnancy is a journey that both parents go through. However, everyone knows that all the work and literal labor is up to mom. Dads who are expecting their child are there as the first line of support, especially when the pregnancy is difficult for mom. It is normal for a pregnant woman to have a range of emotions that dads just won’t be able to grasp or understand.

Expecting dads that are at a loss on how to help their pregnant partners, follow these tips to ensure they feel beautiful, special, and loved as their body becomes the home of your child for the next 9 or so months:

1 – Help Out Without Being Asked

Growing a baby inside your belly is exhausting. Pregnant women will feel exhausted and find themselves unable to do all the chores they used to do. Dads, don’t wait until your parents ask for help, just take on other responsibilities such as cooking and laundry to give your partner more time to just rest and relax.

2 – Offer Massages

Pregnancy will result in sore feet that have expanded. Offer to give your partner a foot massage to make them feel better at the end of the day.

3 – Take Her Out On A Date

Pregnancy may sometimes affect a woman’s confidence because weight gain is a natural part of the process. Make her feel beautiful by asking her out on a romantic date.

4 – Surprise Gifts

Thoughtful and meaningful gifts such as a pregnant Christmas ornament will bring a smile to her face, that’s a guarantee.

5 – Indulge Her Cravings (As Long As It’s Healthy)

Pregnancy will bring about a long list of weird food combinations. As long as the doctor approves the cravings, indulge your partner once in a while.

6 – Accompany Her During Doctor’s Visits

Yes, something as simple as being with her for all doctor’s visits is reassuring and loving. Your partner will feel like you are supporting her through the pregnancy and will appreciate the effort.

7 – Learn More About Pregnancy

Read up on pregnancy and how it can affect a woman’s mind and body. Having even just a little bit of understanding of how the process can change your partner, inside and out will make you more empathetic and compassionate towards her. She will notice this change in you and feel confident that you are with her every step of the journey.

8 – Accept The Pillows

As the pregnancy progresses, the number of pillows on the bed will increase. This doesn’t mean your partner wants you off the bed, this just means she feels a lot of aches and pains. Go and buy her a maternity pillow as a way to shower her with love and support.

9 – Tell Her She’s Beautiful

Nothing beats hearing the words from your mouth. Let your partner know that she is still beautiful, even when she doesn’t feel like it because that’s when she needs the affirmation the most.

Put together a care basket filled with a blanket, her favorite movie, snacks, and a trinket like a pregnant Christmas ornament and spend the day just being with your partner, it’s a simple gesture that goes a long way.

A pregnant Christmas ornament is a great way to welcome a precious child into your home and to remember everything you and your partner have gone through to make sure everything will be alright. Check out our products at Ornaments With Love!

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