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Best Video downloading apps for Android

Best Video downloading apps for Android

Watching an awesome video and downloading it as soon as it makes it to our favourite’s list is never an old thing to do. This is where having a fast and reliable video downloading app becomes an important thing for entertainment seekers. There are a lot of video downloading apps available on the internet and choosing the best out of them becomes a difficult task in itself. But today this problem of many people is going to be bombed out as we are here to tell you about the best video downloading apps available on the internet. These video downloading apps are chosen by keeping in view their user interface, the set of features which they offer and their popularity among the internet people in the world.

Here are the best ones mentioned below:

  • Android Video Downloader

Android video downloader is an amazing video downloading app for android platform, which is famous for its easy to use interface. It allows users to download videos from hundreds of websites other than YouTube. This app is absolutely free of cost and is packed with some descent features. It also has the download tracking feature.

  • Media Tap

Media Tap is another light weight video downloading app for Android.As it is apparent from the name itself, it allows you to download any media file whether it’s a music file, document, picture or video. But for video section, it is having a number of different categories such as most trending, most recommended, most liked and many more.

  • Media Clip Pro

This is one of the best designed video downloading app for android devices. Just like Media Tap, it allows users to download any media file. Amazing thing about this app which makes it one of our top picks is the browsing speed which it offers. This app is having some great features also integrated with a good user interface.

  • All video downloader

This is another light weight video downloading app for android which offers much more than the size of this app itself. This app allows us to download videos from hundreds of popular video platforms. We can also download pictures and music files as well. Moreover, different quality options are available, in which these files could be saved.

  • VidMate

When it comes to downloading the online videos directly in the android devices, then VidMate is the name which cannot be ignored. VidMate is one of earliest launched video downloading apps in the market, which is still being used by a large number of people worldwide. It is literally very easy to download any video file, of any resolution whether it’s HD, full HD, 2K or 4K, to the destination folder. Moreover, it is having a built-in video converter which allows us to convert the video files of a specified format into another. Also, VidMate offers the widest set of features among other video downloaders. This is the reason that why VidMate is one of the most recommended video downloaders.

You just need to search Vidmate apk download on the Google and a direct link for downloading Vidmate will appear on the screen.

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