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BRNO Chair home layout inspirations!

BRNO Chair home layout inspirations!

Everyone knows how iconic the BRNO chair actually is, but do you know the best way to feature it in your home interior designs? Configuring the best layout is something that always makes a gorgeous home look even more put together, and an accent piece like this chair is always challenging to feature within the space. If you’re searching for some inspiration in this regard, then here are 5 ideas that won’t let you down. Let’s take a look:

  1. Double the fun


If you’re wondering what to do with all that empty space beside your windows, then look no further than this particular layout inspiration. A pair of burgundy colored BRNO chairs have been placed in front of the windows to make a bold statement. The low-height end table in their center makes the layout look absolutely holistic. But it’s actually the stylish area rug with its fluffy red pile that makes the whole layout worth taking a second, third, and fourth look at! This is also something that you can easily recreate in your own homes!

  1. Stylish dining experience


You can definitely create the most stylish dining experience by pairing the BRNO chair with a trendy and eclectic dining table. Take this image as your homing beacon for this idea – the bamboo shoot base of the table is an excellent choice to balance the chrome and cantilevered design of the chair with some organic charisma. The contrast is as striking as it is unique, but the thing that truly completes the whole look is the statement artwork in the backdrop. It elevates this layout idea two-fold with its eclectic refinement!

  1. Bring on the pattern


The best part about the BRNO chair is that you can always customize its upholstery to suit your desired interior design theme. For example, this dining room has been designed to emulate classiness and austerity, with a side dose of eclectic in the mix. While the sleek background design takes care of the former aspects, the printed upholstery of the BRNO chair takes care of the latter. The contrast between both visuals makes this space the epitome of stylish.

  1. Breakfast for two, please


Since we’re talking about layouts, let’s not forget how perfect the BRNO chair is for small, intimate breakfast nooks. The cantilevered design is extremely sleek, which means that it would look perfect in compact spaces. The breakfast alcove featured in this image is such a great example of this layout technique. The tiny table matches perfectly with the trendy and comfortable BRNO chairs.

  1. Star of the show


No matter how cluttered or unique your interior design, the BRNO chair always manages to be the star of the show. This is quite apparent from this image, where the variety of stylish furniture is quite rampant. However, even amidst all the distinct pieces, the sleek, sophisticated, and timeless design of the BRNO chairs remains a veritable masterpiece.

All these ideas are absolutely classic. We hope that these great layout ideas help you design unique themes for your very own BRNO chair!

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