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Capella Hotel Group to manage Regent Singapore from 2019

Capella Hotel Group to manage Regent Singapore from 2019

The Capella Hotel Group made an impressive acquisition recently. It has just been announced that the company is going to take on the responsibility of managing Regent Singapore. The news will kick in officially with 2019, and there are a number of thoughts you can take from this announcement. One important thing to remember is that it was just a few months ago, when the Kwee family purchased this hospitality cornerstone from Horst Schulze. As you may recall, Schulze is one of the most experienced men in the hospitality business. He is also the founder of the iconic Ritz-Carlton.

You will also want to remember that the Kwee family also owns the Pontiac Land Group. This is the group that owns the Regent, and this is unquestionably where things start to get pretty interesting!

The Status Of The Regent Singapore

Over the course of the past twenty-six years, it has been the Four Seasons which has been responsible for managing the hotel. This was always done under the Regent namesake. That is about to change. Through mutual agreement, it has been decided that the management arrangement will not continue beyond the end of December this year. At the dawn of 2019, the Capella Hotel Group is going to take control. This will be official by January 1st.

Obviously, everyone wants the transition to management to be as smooth as possible. It isn’t surprising then that all three groups have elected to work together closely, as management and other assumed responsibilities shift to the proper hands. It seems likely that this transition will occur without incident. The general sentiments shared by all is that this is a smart move for everyone involved. Furthermore, the atmosphere seems to be one of proactive, friendly cooperation. All of this was made clear in various comments made by the CEO of the Capella Hotel Group, as well as others.

What Happens Next?

So what can we expect from all of this? Well, ever since the sale to the Kwee family, the brand has been working consistently at establishing itself as a viable name in the Asia-Pacific part of the world. The Capella Resort, which can be found in Sentosa, is just one example of the impressive holdings that only serve to emphasize how important this news really is.

There is no question that the Regent Singapore has gone through some impressive changes through the years. Ever since opening in 1992, the spot has been routinely celebrated for offering luxury and modern sensibilities in a design that also has a number of timeless elements to its design. The hotel continues to be highly popular, and it seems likely that the area will undergo some dramatic changes. Obviously, we are going to have to wait until 2019, before we get to see what will happen next. Nonetheless, there is no question that the ongoing developments in this story will be positive. This can only mean good things for the various companies and individuals that are involved in what could prove to be a pivotal transition.

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