Christmas Day Gifts 2022: Most Trendy Picks

Christmas is just around the corner. One can practically smell the chocolate chip cookies being baked and the eggnog being brewed. It is the time to hang up our red stockings and wait by the chimney for Santa. Did we make it into the nice list or will we be handed a lump of coal this year? No matter what you get this Christmas, what you give is more important. Scrambling for gifts at the last minute is just not ideal. 

As the holiday season gets nearer you are at the risk of running out of time and options. And if you get late enough you run out of good deals too. The biggest question when looking for a gift for your loved ones is usually – what to give? The options are plenty and so it becomes harder and harder to narrow the selections down. But worry not! As this holiday season, we have curated a perfect list with the trendiest picks for Christmas day gifts in 2022. 

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

One of the most popular Christmas day gifts right now is a rechargeable hand warmer. In the winter season when the mornings get cold, and the chilly air is biting, this hand warmer will be a lifesaver. In those days when even gloves fail to keep you warm your loved one would be thankful for this hand warmer. 

Not only does it keep one warm, but it is also light, portable, and both cost and power efficient. And what’s more, is that it is available in various cute designs that are aesthetically pleasing and adorable.  

Self-Heating Mug

This delightful gift would certainly be appreciated. Who does not hate a coffee or tea that has gone cold during a wintery morning? The repeated heating up of the beverage is tiring. But you do not have to worry about your beverage going cold anymore with the self-heating mug. This smart mug keeps your beverage hot; it even comes with different temperature settings. It is battery-operated and is equipped with a charging coaster. Its elegant design makes it a great addition to your collection.  

Blanket Hoodie

Who doesn’t love the warmth of a blanket and the comfort of a hoodie? Combine those two and you get the best of both worlds in a blanket hoodie. A blanket hoodie is like a walking hug. It is the best loungewear with unmatched comfort and is silky soft inside and out. It comes in all sizes and is available in cute prints.  

Treadmill Desk

We all know a friend or a family member who hops on the bandwagon of new year resolutions of getting more cardio in. This treadmill desk is a perfect gift for them. Using a treadmill desk one can get in their cardio points even during a workday.  

Weighted Eye Mask

A weighted eye mask is all the rage right now. This particular gift has numerous benefits to its name. It helps one fall asleep faster, deeper, and longer. Regular use helps reduce the formation of crow’s feet and relieves headaches. It not only provides relaxation but helps in the prevention of dry eyes as well. 

Hair Dryer Brush

If you are looking for a perfect Christmas day gift for her then a hair dryer brush is the one. This brush gets rid of frizz and smoothens hair effortlessly. This brush speeds up the drying process while its bristles gently massage your scalp. Regular usage helps in the prevention of hair damage and breakage. 


Fleece Lined Leggings

An excellent choice for a Christmas day gift for him is these fleece-lined leggings. They are warm, soft, and everything else you want on cosy winter mornings. The leggings slip on like butter and are a perfect addition to your workout attire.  

Air Fryer

Who doesn’t enjoy delicious fried goods during the holiday season? But often the nagging thoughts about healthy eating overshadow the delicious taste of fried goods. With Air Fryer, you can say goodbye to those nagging voices. Air Fryers promote a healthy way of making delicious treats. Not only does it cut down on toxins but reduces calories by almost 70%. It is not only a terrific addition to one’s kitchen but lifestyle as well.  

Magnetic Charger

The magnetic wireless charger is an efficient and hassle-free way of charging your mobile phones and earbuds. They are convenient to use and portable as well. It is a wonderful choice of gift for anyone.  

Echo Dot

Echo Dot has been a top seller throughout the year. This smart speaker offers you a multitude of functions. You can control your smart house, make phone calls, control your TV and get access to a plethora of information available on the internet. 

Waffle Maker

There is something so special and pleasing about the smell of waffles early in the morning. A waffle maker is a wonderful choice for anyone who loves to cook and bake. The industrious design gives you perfect waffles each time. You can try out new recipes and experiment with different toppings. This is truly a family-friendly gift. 

Smart Watch

A smartwatch is an elegant and a versatile gift. It has varied functions and numerous settings. Several types of smartwatches are available in the market ranging from medium to high-cost prices. 

A smartwatch can be easily linked to your phone. It can be used to track your fitness activity, monitor your heart rate, and access and control your messages and emails as well. It has various modes and can also be used to locate your mobile phone and other devices. One can also check their social media alerts using their smartwatch and listen to music as well. 

Final Thoughts:

So here are the top picks for Christmas day gifts. Choosing a gift has never been this hassle-free. Curate your own list and shop Christmas day gifts online. Be sure to finish your shopping before the rush hour. Receiving gifts is always fun but don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones this coming holiday season. Because ultimately it does not matter what you gift as long as it is given with love. 

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