A Complete Overview of a Vehicle Air Compressor and Its Types

A Complete Overview of a Vehicle Air Compressor and Its Types

It could be quite frustrating if you know how it feels to drive a car with a low tyre pressure. The truth is nobody wants to live through this horrific situation. Moreover, it can also disturb your entire trip. Nevertheless, an air compressor for cars is now in the picture. These technological advancements may go unnoticed, but they can benefit you in the long run. Now automakers, along with introducing new car models, are making people’s lives easier with these innovations.

What Is a Car Air Compressor?

You can now easily find a car air pump almost everywhere. You can find it in an office, garage, local shop or big factories. It is extremely useful and reliable in emergencies. You will know its benefits better after feeling its energy and impact. 

It is a device that increases gas pressure so that you may use it for various purposes. You may use it for inflating tyres, generating turbines, or performing mechanical tasks. A gas, diesel, or electric motor typically powers the air compressor. You may consider buying car accessories online for the best quality products at a reasonable price. 

What Are the Different Types of Air Compressors?

Knowing the various automobile air compressor types can help you make the best decision for your needs. Given below are the main types you may use –

  • Reciprocating Air Compressors –

Reciprocating air compressors referred to as piston compressors, function according to the reciprocation, or moving something back and forth, concept. As positive displacement machinery, these devices pressurise the air to compress it. It is the air compressor machine that is utilised the most. When retracting and pushing air into the tank, the piston’s back-and-forth action generates a vacuum that draws air in.

  • Scroll Compressors –

To compress air, scroll compressors move in a round motion. It makes use of two rotating, spiral-shaped circular components. It has a fixed scroll that stays in place and a swing link-powered rotating scroll that moves or orbits around the fixed scroll. Everywhere you look, scroll compressor technology is present. It is present in many different things, like electronics, turbos, and freezers.

The apparatus can produce the purest air that effectively satisfies ISO criteria. The electronics, dentistry, pharmaceutical, and food sectors may all benefit from the device’s 100% oil-free operation and silent operation.

  • Rotary Compressor –

Rotary screw technology is prevalent in the car industry. It is suitable for heavy-duty applications that require high power over an extended time. The two meshing rotors of a rotary screw air compressor catch air, which reduces in volume as it passes through the rotors. Compressed air produces as a result of the reduction process. It is best for filling tyres and other activities, including operating air tools and various other uses.

  • Tech-based Air Compressor –

You now have access to the mechanical air compressor based on technology to fulfil changing demands. Single-stage devices pressurise air once, whereas two-stage compressors pressurise air twice as hard. The technologically advanced air compressors quickly and effectively fix flat tyres.

What To Look for Before Buying Car Air Compressors?

Before investing, you must be knowledgeable, right? To pick the best air compressor for you, remember the following:

  • Portability –

In the case of automotive air compressors, size impacts your comfort, so make an informed decision. With a larger tank size, you can use many air tools simultaneously and for a prolonged time. However, it’s also rather heavy, which makes it challenging to transport or carry about.

A smaller air compressor is more mobile and portable when a rubber tyre is present. It cannot run several air tools at once or provide sustained air compression.

  • Electric Vs. Petrol Compressors –

Which do you like more, petrol or electricity? A Petrol air compressor is perfect for use outside or where there is a lack of electricity. However, one must never use petrol compressors inside due to safety concerns.

On the other hand, electric air compressors are suitable for most sectors due to their affordability and few maintenance needs. Remember to examine the type of power supply you have at home before purchasing an electric compressor since, as we previously said, they can be single-phase or multi-phase. A 3-phase machine is recommended since it is far more effective and needs less upkeep.

  • Compressor PSI –

There is a large variety of PSI values in air compressors. The air pressure that the compressors create is estimated as PSI. Your air compressor must produce at least 150 PSI to operate if an air tool demands 150 PSI efficiently. However, avoiding giving the air tools an overly high PSI is essential. Doing so might seriously harm the tools.

  • Compressor Duty Cycle –

The duty cycle is the ratio of the air compressor’s operating time to its cooling or resting time. You shouldn’t use the air compressor more than 60% of the time to ensure longer functioning and proper maintenance. It indicates overworked compressors if you find your air compressor using up the air quickly. Think about purchasing a larger tank compressor.

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