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Defeating Raynaud’s Phenomenon Using the supremacy of Ayurvedic

Defeating Raynaud’s Phenomenon Using the supremacy of Ayurvedic

Raynaud’s disease makes some specific areas of the human body, such as fingers, toes etc. feel cold and numb due to stress or extremely low this disease, the smaller arteries in the human body which supply blood to the skin narrows down. Because of this, blood circulation is reduced in those body parts causing numbness. People living in a cold climate are more likely to get this disease than the other people. It is also observed that women are nine times more prone to be affected by Raynaud’s disease than men staying under the same temperature. Treatment for this disease is easily available in the market. Though allopathic treatment for this disease can effectively cure it, Raynaud’s Ayurveda is gaining popularity among people because those Ayurvedic medicines can cure this disease without any side effects, unlike allopathic medicines. To use these medicines in a proper way, it is important to know the general symptoms and characteristics of Raynaud’s disease. Some of the symptoms are as follows:

  • Cold toes and fingers
  • Change in the color of the toes and fingers
  • Numb and prickly feelings in fingers and toes and sensation of pain while warming those body parts.

According to the severity, there are two types of Raynaud’s phenomenon, which are:

  • Primary Raynaud’s phenomenon
  • Secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon

To understand the differences between them, their characteristics can be compared as follows:

Primary Raynaud’s phenomenon Secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon
It has very mild symptoms. Gangrene, skin sore etc. conditions might occur as the tissues and cells of the human body die because of the reduction of blood circulation.
It has no connection with other diseases. It happens because of some other diseases. If it happens, the connecting tissue of the human body like the rheumatoid arthritis is damaged.
Approximately 1 in 10 people suffer from this kind of medical condition. . Approximately 1 in 100 people suffer from this kind of medical condition.
It can occur to the people of age above 15 years. Usually, it occurs to the people having age of above 35 years.
It is more common than the other type of Raynaud’s phenomenon. It is not as common as the Primary Renaud’s disease.
People having first degree relatives such as parents, siblings etc. who have suffered from this disease in the past are more prone to get affected by this disease. Getting affected by this type of Raynaud’s disease is not dependant on family history.

The Ayurvedic solution for Raynaud’s disease rectifies the imbalances in dosha. Especially, these medicines cure pitta and vata dosha in the blood vessels to increase the blood circulation of the human body. the three main ingredients for Ayurvedic treatments are:

  • KaishoraGuggulu which acts as a natural blood cleanser. It also keeps skin healthy and reduces joint pain.
  • Chandra PrabhaVati which is famous for healing multiple diseases like diseases related to the urinary tract, diabetes etc. along with Raynaud’s phenomenon.
  • Mahamanjishthadi kashya which is used to cure various skin diseases. It helps in decreasing the feeling of numbness in fingers and toes.

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