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Do Not Confuse Between Food Walks and Food Tours

Do Not Confuse Between Food Walks and Food Tours

There has been an emerging trend in the tourism industry to include culinary experience in the itinerary. Every walk or tour is different. Guided by a local food expert, food tourism can be a unique experience if done properly. However, you will see many websites or programs saying food walks and food tours. You must know the difference between the two, to identify which experience would be suitable to you. There is plenty of food to go around in both types, but certain differences make the two stand apart.

Food Walks

A food walk will have generally a larger group of people. It is led by a guide who takes you to a local street famous for its food shops. This lasts for about 2-3 hours where the main objective is experiencing different flavours and of course taking loads of pictures through your camera! The entire walk takes place in a neighborhood where as the name suggests, long walks are involved. Food walks can be dedicated to various eating times like breakfast, lunch, dinner or they may just be an eating adventure with various types of snacks on the menu. Food walks are usually based on local street food, where you buy and eat food from any shop that you like. Some of the popular food walks when visiting India is the delhi food walks.

Food Tours

Food tour are generally done will a smaller group of individuals and costs more than food tours. The numbers may be restricted only to your family or a section of 7-8 people. On an average a food tour will have 6-7 stops and at each stop you will sample a small amount of food. Food tours are also more exclusive in nature and will not necessarily involve street food. It can have gourmet items on the menu and some of the rarest delicacies. The places on the stops are fixed by the organizer and in some cases even the quantity of food is paid for in advance. At times, if you like you can purchase certain items from the shops that is not included in the tour.


You can face a general confusion as to which to choose. Here is a simple evaluation, if budget is a concern and you would like to experience local street food then food walks are the one for you. Visiting the capital of India, delhi food walks cost will be more affordable to many than a food tour. This is ideal for street food lovers who want to explore old by-lanes for some kebabs, parathe, cholebatore, shahitukras and jalebis. Sweet lovers can also experience a food walk dedicated to satisfy your sweet cravings. On the other hand, if you want an exclusive curated culinary experience then food tour may just be for you. Food tours are very popular in the west, especially in Europe. Signature eateries and chefs are bought to the public where they experience food like never before!

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