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Do you think Zofran would be an apt choice to exercise when you are pregnant?

Do you think Zofran would be an apt choice to exercise when you are pregnant?

What happens to be the most popular drug that is used to cure morning sickness when you are pregnant? In spite of its popularity the FDA has not given their approval for this drug.  What if someone comes up to you and tells you that on consumption of this drug during the first trimester the chances of kids being born with a heart defect was higher. All this would send shivers down your spine!

To certain extend this holds true and the drug in question would Zofran and pregnancy 2018. Nearly 1 out of 3 women are subscribed this drug when they are pregnant. There are some studies that do point to an increase in heart defects.

If you have been part of this drug then do not Google it.  Zofran pregnancy FDA has been the topic of numerous studies. There is no need to panic and let us now get down to the facts.

Why opt for Zofran?

A majority of women face the issue of morning sickness when they are pregnant. In most situations it does pose to be a major issue at all. But in some case it can lead to weight loss or dehydration that could go on to pose a major issue when you are pregnant. Morning sickness does occur in the early part of pregnancy where birth defects are higher.

What can be done if you have been part of this drug?

In case if you have been part of this drug, the chances are high that the baby along with the mother would be fine. But on the basis of information that is available, it is better to avoid the drug as far as possible. There are a lot of safer medicines apart from Zofran to deal with morning sickness when you are pregnant.

In the year 2013, the FDA did go on to approve a drug that was of the name Digcelis. Luckily there are some other safe alternatives to cope up with morning sickness when you are pregnant

  • The moment you get out of bed in the morning have something to eat. Just feast on a few empty crackers
  • Increase the intake of fluids during the day and instead of 3 large meals opt for smaller meals
  • Make it a point that you restrict yourself from spicy and fatty foods
  • Do keep away from food that is going to make you uneasy
  • If you are feeling nausea opt for some ginger
  • A Peggie pop would be a nice option. It is a consortium of lavender, ginger along with a sore fruit.

So there is no where you might have to head over to. There is no need to opt for Zofran if you have gone on try every other drug first. Discuss with your doctor if you are facing symptoms of morning sickness. Being dehydrated and subject to weakness is not a good option when you are pregnant. There are plenty of options which could help you.

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