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Since the release of a new version 11.10.0-43 update on the console of the Nintendo 3DS family, there is a month or so. For this update, we can know that it is just an improvement of the console performance and other adjustments to optimize the user experience. But there are still several users doubting the flashcard that are sold in the market. In my opinion, the most essential point is about the hack of this version, especially for the 3DS flashcard, for example, Sky3DS+ and Stargate 3DS, does it still support a CFW and Homebrews on a 3DS that is updated?

3DS flashcard

As for the 3DS linker, for example, Sky3ds Plus and Stargate 3ds, which can support all versions of the kernel, and we can use them together and a memory card to play the downloaded 3DS Roms on the Internet. With all of them, it’s not necessary for us to buy a real gaming card at a high price. Of course, for a 3DS V11.10.0-43 console, there is no problem.

Does Sky3ds+ support NTRboot?

What is NTRboothax? This is a kind of 3ds hacking exploit with the help of a magnet to install the client firmware and boot9strap to any 3ds firmware and model console. Many DS flashcards such as R4i gold 3ds plus, and others, they are compatible with the NTRboothax/Magnethax. Even the Stargate 3ds 3ds flashcard also supports the NTRboot method, but what a shame, the sky3ds+ does not support NTRboothax or Magnethax.

You can not use it to install CFW on your console, you can not flash the NTRboothax exploit on the Sky3ds+ flashcard.

Can I use Sky3ds + to install CFW?

The Sky3ds+ directly supports 3ds games, so there is no reason to use this card to install a CFW. The card itself does not support CFW. But that does not mean you can not use sky3ds + to install CFW. There was a method for you to configure CFW to a 3DS via the sky3ds card longer ago. But it was indeed an old way, it should not work on our 3DS console with the latest firmware version V11.10.0-43.

In 2019 or the following years, it’s impossible to use sky3ds+ to install a CFW. The sky3ds+ can run on all 3ds firmware directly to play Nintendo 3DS games. You can play 3ds games on 3DS Sysnand, no need to install CFW or Emunand 3ds console using Sky3ds+.

Can Stargate 3DS support NTRboot?

Yes, Stargate 3ds is compatible with the ntrboothax exploit, which is the easiest 3ds exploit to use to install CFW. The method is called NTRBoot Method, the exploit is named NTRboothax or Magnethax because it works with a magnet. So, in addition to ds flashcards, your Stargate 3ds can also be one of your options to also install the 3DS CFW firmware.

This card automatically switches between DS and NTRBoot games. It does not have to be reflashed. It does not currently work for DS games under Luma CFW.

Can we install a CFW and B9S on the 3DS by Stargate 3DS?

Stargate 3ds is famous for being used to play free DS games and 3ds games. The card itself does not support CFW or Boot9strap on your 3ds console. To use Stargate 3ds to configure firmware and custom b9s, you must first flash the ntrboothax exploit on the flash cartridge. More tutorial, you can read from the 3ds guide site.

The current Stargate 3ds card with firmware v1.0 is not compatible with CFW for playing DS games, so once CFW is installed on your console, you can not play DS games normally with the stargate 3ds flash card . Because the Stargate 3ds already supports DS and 3DS games directly for you on any 3ds firmware and model, there is no reason to install a CFW to play 3ds or ds games in CIA format. Overall, we do not recommend using Stargate 3ds to install CFW/B9S.

Does Stargate 3ds launch Homebrews on a 3DS?

Stargate 3ds can support some DS homebrews on Nintendo 3ds system handhelds, but if you want to install 3DS homebrews, you need to run Ninjhax 2.9 or Freakyhax with the stargate 3ds flash card. Ninjhax 2.9 and Freakyhax are the feats of the homebrew launcher for the Nintendo 3ds, running on the latest 3ds v11.10.0-43. Stargate 3ds is compatible with them too. Because stargate 3ds supports playing Cubic Ninjia and other 3ds games.

In conclusion

In short, SKY3DS PLUS and Stargate 3DS all are the magnificent 3DS linker. Each of them can perfectly support the latest Nintendo 3DS version 11.10.0-43. In addition to the two linkers above, you could find several linker games on our website, of course, until now, almost all R4 cards and 3DS cards are compatible with the latest version 11.10.0-43 on Nintendo 3DS. Do not worry, there is no problem and no risk of ban using a flashcard on your console.

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