Monday, April 12

How a ‘fake pastor’ fooled millions with his staged ‘Resurrection’ act?

Pastor Alph lukau

Pastor Alph lukau, who left everyone in a shock state after that ‘rise up” incident few years back, seems like getting into the troubling water s after the three funeral firms have threatened him for legal action. It must been mentioned that this is the same pastor Alph lukau who can be seen shouting ‘ rise up’( in the video) to a man lying in the coffin , who then yanks up amidst all the cheers from the pastor and people around.

The Three funeral companies have stated that they were been manipulated by the pastor Alph lukau to further get involved in the whole spectacle. The manifestation was been staged in front of the Pastor’s church in Johannesburg and attracted all the criticism from millions of people. In a statement released by the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities, it was been said that “there are no such miracles”.

All the three funeral companies (Kingdom Blue, Kings & Queens Funeral Services and Black Phoenix) that has initiated the legal action against the pastor alph lukau out of all the damage happened to their reputation. it was also been said that the alleged family members of the deceased have told Kings & Queens Funeral Services that they are having a dispute with the another funeral service provider.

It was further been stated that the family members have placed “Black Phoenix stickers on their private car” to look convincing to Kings & Queens Funeral Services when they requested to hire a hearse from their end. On the other side, the funeral directors stated that the coffin was been acquired from Kingdom blue.

While been approached for a response, neither the church, nor the pastor was available for any comment. Moreover, it was later been reported from the church’s end that the ‘dead ‘man was already alive while been brought to Kramerville. Alleluia International Ministries, on the other side, said that ‘Pastor Alph lukau simply capitalized on a miracle that was already been started by god. While the incident has sparked a big debate amongst the religious groups in South Africa, pastor alph lukau has already been portrayed as a ‘fake pastor’ by most of them.

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