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How Dovetail Drawers and Melamine Interior help in Kitchen Cabinets?

How Dovetail Drawers and Melamine Interior help in Kitchen Cabinets?


Kitchen Cabinets with dovetail drawers give it a unique vibrancy. It isn’t a normal manufacturing process. The dovetail drawers are joint together using sets of nails and screws. The quality of a Dovetail drawer is par excellence and this is exactly the reason why it requires a specific type of construction. Joint dovetail drawers increase the storage capacity of utensils, table cloths, and other kitchen accessories. Kitchen Cabinets In Los Angeles are wonderfully made using dovetail drawers and Melamine interior.

French Dovetail Drawers are much more compatible to use since the drawer side slides upwards. Dovetail drawers are far better than ordinary drawers because of several reasons. In the dovetail drawers, the locking joints play a vital role in keeping the drawer and front sides intact. On the other hand, normal drawers aren’t made up of solid wood. It contains layers of particle board which is efficient.

Benefits of Dovetail Drawers in Kitchen Cabinets

These are some of the benefits of Dovetail Drawers which help in making the Cabinet easy to use:

  1. A dovetail joint can last for 10-15 years. No other mechanical work is necessary.
  2. The performance of the cabinet drawer increased because of the dovetail joint.
  3. The sides of the drawer can easily fit into the front side of the drawer.
  4. Dovetail joints help in keeping the inner mechanism of the cabinet intact.
  5. The sweet coherence between the wood and the dovetail joint makes the cabinet strong and durable.

Why Melamine interior is important?

With the rapid changes in the technological sector, Melamine material has come into existence. It consists of a wood particle panel, which is extremely good for furniture making. It is completely versatile and is used to make durable products. It is considered to be a perfect furniture material  because of three factors:

  • It’s resistant scapacity in relation to moisture.
  • It offers durability.
  • It is resistant to bubbling and dents.

In spite of its amazing qualities, it is cheaply available.

What is two-sided Melamine?

We derive it from a wooden panel that gets coated from both sides. Such a coating is necessary for making cabinet doors and drawers.

Prospects :

  1. Melamine is resistant to dents and bubbling which induces the carpenters to use it while making pleasing cabinets.
  2. It is cost-effective. You can make durable as well as innovative cabinets using melamine and your craftsmanship.
  3. Hygiene can easily be maintained. Customers find no difficulty while cleaning the surface.


  1. Melamine has poor resistance capacity to heat. Keeping hot pans and cookers can make the furniture look worse. You need to be very careful about that.


It is very important to look for Kitchen Cabinets with Melamine Interiors. Melamine Interiors are convenient while cleaning the surfaces. It saves you time and effort. While having a melamine interior, one must not forget about the precautions to take.

Sometimes, it leads to hazardous accidents. The Kitchen Cabinets Los Angeles are popular due to their extravagant designs.

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