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How much should you pay for junk removal?

How much should you pay for junk removal?

Whether you are moving or clearing away your hoarder aunt’s house, you will need junk removal services for a clutter-free existence. Unless you have something hazardous in the form of biological or chemical waste, these companies can clear everything from old mattresses to ceramic dolls.

While removing these extras from homes, our biggest question would be how much is too much. There are many choices out there, so here is a run-down on the factors contributing to the final cost.

Is there a fixed price?

No. Two main factors go into junk removal estimates – How much? How long? – The volume or weight of the junk combined with the time it takes to complete the job. Many sub-factors contribute to the above.

  • Is junk easy to access?

Are there logistical difficulties? (flights of stairs, narrow doorways, parking spot, location of the house). These will be taken into account to estimate labor and fuel costs.

  • What are the materials to haul away?

Is it going to be an estate sale, apartment moving, or clearing of construction debris? (Weight of the materials, if assembling or de-assembling is needed, material type – dangerous or tame).

According to HomeGuide, the average cost for junk removal services ranges from $70 to $570. The most common type of pricing is by truckloads (volume). If your items fill an entire truck, then it will cost around $550. If you are clearing away construction waste or hazardous waste, the costs will go upwards of $650 for precautions or permits availed. For a typical single home, it should cost an average of $200.

A professional quality service will always be upfront with you. There will be no surcharges or hidden variables. There are two ways to go about this. You can choose a free on-site estimate – where the company takes a look at your stuff first-hand and provides you with a volume-time based assessment. You could also send them a picture of the junk to get an estimate before-hand. Junk removal calculators are available online to obtain a better idea of your pricing.

Who should I choose?

Many of us will choose a buddy and his minivan to sort these things out. But with large loads and safe movement, it would be best to shell out for a junk removal service.

  • Go through Google reviews and other websites like ReviewMe.
  • Make sure they are licensed and insured.
  • Professional, punctual, and equipped.
  • Insist on an up-front price.

Another great way to judge a junk removal service is the way they dispose of your stuff. As the world moves towards a zero-waste policy, we must advocate that in small ways. Find out if your junk disposal service will be dumping everything in a landfill or donating your items for recycling and repurposing.

Times of Uncertainty

In COVID-19 times, many junk removal services offer sanitizing and contactless services. It is vital to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean for a healthy life. Don’t keep cleanliness waiting. Schedule an appointment in a jiffy for disinfecting facilities, junk removal services, and a reduced carbon footprint.

“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.”- Barbara Hemphill

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