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How selling is different from marketing?

How selling is different from marketing?

In business, marketing and selling are two concepts that sound similar and are taken simultaneously every time, however, there is a thin line that differentiates the two. The points mentioned below will give an insight into the difference between sellingand marketing.

  • Marketing focuses on customer satisfaction. On the other hand, sales focus on selling what a firm has manufactured and the profit. They give less attention to what customer needs
  • Marketing’s central point is to provide quality goods and satisfy the consumer. However, selling generates maximum sales and is profit-driven.
  • In marketing, the main emphasis is to cater to customer needs. Whereas, in selling, it only emphasis on the firm’s products.

After understanding selling vs marketing now let’s comprehend its meaning in detail.

Meaning of Selling

Selling is a process which transforms the manufactured goods into cash. The concept focuses on the needs of the seller who regulates the market. In business, once the production is completed, the focus is on the selling. Now the responsibility of the sales department is to explore various ways to sell the manufactured product.

In simple words, selling means providing customers with goods and services that they need in exchange for a price. It also explains that if a customer and a firm’s gap is not bridged properly then the customer will not buy or remain loyal to buying a company’s products.

Meaning of Marketing

Marketing is a process that involves research and analysing customer requirements, according to which a company manufactures a product to satisfy their needs. The marketing team regularly does market research to examine the likes and dislikes of customers or a group with different tools. In other words, marketing is all about discovering human needs and satisfying them with the desired product, thus resulting in insufficient income.

The marketing department of a firm focuses on the customer’s demands and then identify the methods to meet those demands. Therefore, in the market, the customer is considered as the king.

Few activities that are involved in Marketing:

  • Market research
  • Manufacturing of product
  • Promotion of product
  • Advertising of the product
  • Selling the product
  • After sell service
  • Customer satisfaction

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