Monday, April 12

Importance of Rugby Tours for Schools


Rugby is one of the most popular and growing sports in the world. Many schools around the world are introducing the game as a way to promote it, and also encourage students to get fit. In addition, many schools are embracing tours as a fantastic way of building team spirit, improving morale, and helping the team obtain an identity.

These school sport tours encourage coaches and players to get to know each other better, on and off the pitch. It also fosters friendships and memories that last for a life time. Here are some of the benefits for organising rugby tours for schools.

a) Development of rugby

By organising tours, schools can develop their talent pool. For example, when students come together to take part in the various rugby tournaments, they can learn from other teams as they gauge their strength. They will also see how they rank amongst their opponents. Participating in competitions helps players and coaches gauge their strengths and weaknesses, and thus identify areas where they have to improve.

b) Expanding their understanding of the world

By participating in such events such as school rugby tours to South Africa or school rugby tours to Canada among others, students can increase their understanding of the world we live in. As globalisation continues to advance, it is important for students to start appreciating other cultures. These global tours also ensure students can learn to cope and adapt outside their comfort zones.

c) Make new friends

When students engage in sporting events with each other, they will be sharing a common experience. This shared interest may spark new friendships, and even strengthen existing ones.

d) Visit new places across the globe

Travelling nowadays has evolved and improved at such a high rate, that visiting some places would be unthinkable in the past. Students can now visit other countries and see various attractions, while at the same time enjoying a game they are passionate about.

e) Motivation to get into rugby

By giving students a chance to go on tours, they will also be encouraged to get involved in a particular type of sport, and thus help in promoting it. By promoting rugby, coaches have a wider pool to choose from, and thus are able to compete with other schools at a higher level.

f) Encourage fun and relaxation

Tours offers students a chance to unwind and relax. They can even use these tours to recharge for the next gruelling semester. While the classroom can be considered as where the primary learning happens, students can also learn as much when on tours.

In conclusion, tours for schools are both beneficial for the students, as well as the rugby sport alike. Students can get to know each other better, get to interact with the outside world, and gain a broader understanding of other cultures.

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