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Know more about The Place in Athens to Visit in Weekends 2019

Know more about The Place in Athens to Visit in Weekends 2019

Athens, the capital city of Greece, is a country well known as the birth place of western civilization. It is marked in every traveller’s dairy as one of the places nestling awesome sights. If you have only few days of holidays, then don’t be disheartened as there are places worth visiting in Athens in a short time.

If you are stressed about knowing the right way to tour Athens in such a short time contact Trip indicator customer care officials to guide you to enjoy the Greece capital prominent tourist spots of visiting in your weekend holidays.

What are the best spots to visit in the old Greek city in your short holiday?

  • The temple of Poseidon at Sounion – It is in the outskirts of Athens and favourite of architects favouring early century monuments. The temple is built in the 5th century and travellers can still read the graffiti carved on the ancient columns. From there you can view the islands of Kea and Kythnos.
  • Enjoy cruise to the Saronic Gulf Islands of Aegina – Hardly it takes one day to visit the ancient temple of Aphaia. From the top of the clock tower in Poros to view the whole breath-taking view of the islands. You can have lunch in the resort of International Jet Set well known for offering all arrays of cuisines.
  • Delphi – It is one of the top-rated archaeological sites in Greece which was known to be the place where heaven and earth meets. This play holds an important place in Greek mythology as the Lord Apollo is worshipped here. It is the place where foundation of modern days Olympics originated from the age-old Pythian Games.
  • Nafplion – In olden times, it was called as Nafpilo, the formal capital of the country. In present days, the place is well known for its marketing arena, foodies centre and even have beach for you to enjoy a pleasant walk. As it is near the new capital city of Greece it is favourite of locals too.
  • Visit the ancient city Mycenae – If you love historical places, then make sure to visit this ancient city marking the old Greek civilization. The fortified citadel nestling in the picturesque surroundings lures travellers to visit the place again and again.
  • The old Agora – It is one such archaeological site which was once the market place of the ancient Greece. It is near Monastiraki, famous for its restaurants and hotels. People visiting Acropolis are sure to enjoy the sites of Agora and the church of the holy Apostles.

To visit all these touring spots, you need only few hours as all are near Athens. You can book bus tours that offers you free meals and guide. To know more about how to reach fast and safe on weekends to this wonderful ancient time reflecting places log on to well acclaimed bus tour arrangers in Athens. You can even get tips to Athens bus tours to enjoy your trip stress free and in a cost effective way.

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