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Parturition And Labour

Parturition And Labour

The process of delivery of a child is called parturitionor childbirth. After the period of pregnancy is complete, childbirth begins with a series of long and involuntary contractions of the uterus, experienced as labor pain. The signals for parturition originate from the fully matured fetus and placenta which include mild uterine contraction called fetal ejection reflex. This triggers the quick release of oxytocin from the mother’s posterior pituitary gland. Oxytocin causes contraction of the uterine muscles.

During this time the placenta releases the relaxin hormone which increases the flexibility of the pubis symphasis and ligaments of the sarco-iliac and sarco-coccygeal joints that result into the dilation of the uterine cervix. Labor pain is much prolonged when the baby has its sunny side up. People wonder what does sunny side up baby mean however, it simply suggests that the sunny side up position is the most common and abnormal position for a baby. Liver is divided into three major phases:

  • The first period of labor lasts for about 12 hours. The contractions of the uterus move the fetus down towards the cervix and cause the latter to dialate, enabling the fetus to pass through.At the end of this period due to continuous uterine contractions,amnion ruptures and the amniotic fluid flows out through the vagina and lubricates it.
  • The second period of the labour normally last between 20 minutes and an hour. The foetus passes to the cervix and vagina and is borne or delivered.At this time before the umbilical cord is cut the contraction of the uterus squeeze much of the fetal blood from the placenta back into the infant.After a few minutes the pulsations in the umbilical cord cease and the cord is ready to be tied and cut, severing the child from the mother.The stump of the chord gradually struggles until nothing remains but the depressed scar, the navel.
  • The third period of labor lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes. After the birth of the child the placenta and the fetal membranes are loosened from the lining of the uterus by another series of contractions andare expelled out. At this stage they are collectively known as the after birth. In some cases about 20%, theinfant is born before it is prepared to carry out an independent existence.When this occurs, the birth is called abortion and miscarriage.Suchbirths are caused by improper implantation of the embryo, by faulty functioning of the placenta or by injury to the mother. Sunny side up delivery babies have their head down but are turned in the wrong way.

Occiput posterior abbreviated as OP is the medical term for the sunny side up position in infants. Here the baby’s face is squashed against the pubic bone of the mother which makes the same a bit complex to evolve out from, under the area. If your baby is in the occiput posterior position, you are most likely to experience a painful labor mostly in the first stage. A few babies persistently follow the OP pattern even at the time of delivery.

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