The 7 Most Special Ways to Propose to Your Crush This Valentine

Proposing to your crush can be an exciting, nerve-wracking experience. Even though it’s just one moment in time, planning the proposal can take weeks or even months of research and preparation. In order to make sure the proposal is special and meaningful to both you and your partner-to-be, it’s important to carefully consider these 7 most special ways to propose to your crush this Valentine’s Day.

A Heartfelt Letter:

One way to propose is with a hand-written or typed letter telling your crush how much they mean to you. Make the letter as personal and romantic as possible, but don’t forget that it’s also important to include some sort of reasoning for why you think you should be together! You can also write your proposal in a song or poem, on a piece of paper that’s been folded up so it looks like a fortune cookie, in the margins of their favourite book, or other creative ways. Whatever method you choose, make sure it suits the person you’re talking about and is something they’ll enjoy – after all, this is probably one of the most special moments of their life! This is an amazing Valentine Day gift idea that will surely impress your loved ones.

A special dinner:

Planning a special dinner is a great way to propose. Preparing the meal yourself will take some time and effort, but will also allow you to truly personalise it and make it feel more intimate. If you’re not sure what foods your partner likes, ask them! They’ll be excited that you’ve put so much thought into this and will be eager to share their favourites with you. Plus, cooking together can help get your creative juices flowing for the next step in your proposal plan: dessert! You might think about baking a cake or making their favourite pie from scratch. Chances are they’ll be delighted by how much time and love was put into this little gesture of love.

A personal song:

If you’re looking for a special way to propose this Valentine’s Day, try writing a personal song for your crush! A song is a way of saying I love you in a unique and creative way. Not only will the song be meaningful, but it will also be personalised for that special someone. The lyrics will make it easier for them to understand how much they mean to you. Compared to other Valentine gifts online, this gift idea is the most special one.

A scavenger hunt:

Plan an entire scavenger hunt with clues leading them to the proposal location. Have your friends and family hide clues that lead them on the hunt, with these hints getting more specific as they get closer to the end. The final clue should point them straight to the place where you’re proposing. Bonus points if your friends are waiting there with a sign reading Will You Marry Me? or She Said Yes! Arrange for one of their favourite songs (or songs about love) to play at random times for a week before popping the question.

A day of pampering:

Spending the day together is a great way to show your partner how much you love them. Start with breakfast in bed. Get up early and startle her with a special breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t love breakfast? Especially when it’s served by their love! 

Next, partner up for a morning yoga session, or if she’s a pro, teach her a new pose that you’ve been working on! They say the early bird catches the worm, so give her an extra boost for the day ahead with some exercise.

Finally, take them to their most favourite places and give them their heart’s desire with an intimate evening in front of the fireplace.

A romantic weekend getaway:

Ask your crush out on a date and while you’re there, take them somewhere they’ve never been before. Maybe it’s a place you know they’ll love or maybe it’s something new that you want to share with them. After the date, go back home and plan another day of activities together- but this time, pack their favourite snacks and treats as well as a bottle of their favourite wine for the ride. When you arrive at the final destination, ask them to take a hike with you. If the timing feels right, pop the question during your walk together up in the mountains. If not, wait until later when you’re relaxing by a campfire together and enjoy each other’s company for an hour or two before going back home again.

An unexpected proposal:

Plan an incredible date night, complete with a candlelight dinner at a romantic spot, and propose when they least suspect it. The element of surprise is what makes an unexpected proposal so special! You’ll be able to see the whole range of emotions play out on your loved one’s face as you make your way down on one knee for the big question. Plus, who doesn’t love surprises?

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Wrapping up:

Valentine’s Day might be the most romantic day of the year, but it also presents its own unique set of challenges. Between navigating complex family dynamics, selecting the perfect gift, and making sure you don’t say something stupid at dinner, Valentine’s Day can easily turn into an ordeal rather than a celebration. If you want to make this Valentine’s Day special and memorable, consider proposing to your significant other with the above mentioned unique ways to propose on Valentine’s Day!

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