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The accession of Amazon

The accession of Amazon

With online spending worldwide predicted to exceed $4 trillion by 2020,the e-commerce market is becoming more and more competitive. Out of them all, Amazon stands the tallest. Being used by more than 58 countries, with an online population close to 1,216,306,113 people, it surpasses its competitors by a huge margin. Since its crossing of the impressive trillion dollar mark, it is set to radicallychange the e-commerce industry.

Amazon has built up an empire. Along with a diligent customer service, and shipping products to most parts of the globe, it has so much diversity. The site offers everything from clothes, to kitchen tables to janitorial supplies, and is thus a futuristic company.

The fact that the company has the capacity to be changed in size or scale, istheir main advantage. This makes Amazon unlike any other e-commerce set up. It has the feature of scalability. Owning more than 70 other companies including Alexa Audible and Zappos, their principal theory of business is to do much more than any other small business can. That is, increasing the volume of commodities they sell, to the nth degree.

The company is ever growing in value, and you would not want to miss the earnings date amzn this year. With the most recent quarterly report showing a staggering profit of 2.5 billion dollars, as compared to its previous year’s profit of 197 million dollars Amazon continues to dominate. Additionally, their earnings per share or EPS went up from 0.40 dollars to a whopping 5.07 dollars

A distinguishing trait Amazon is well known for, is its customer service and retention. Their main objective is to provide a smooth shopping experience, with little to no grievance ensuring maximum customer retention. The ease with which one can simply return a defective product or one no longer desired, with hassle-free, speedy methods is commendable. This, along with their incredibly fast delivery system makes the diverse products (some of them with feasible discounts) they sell all the more tempting.

The diversity of the products they have on sale makes Amazon a more convenient, thus more chosen platform for shopping online. They sell anything and almost everything, and have massive inventories of their products.

If you are still unsure on whether you should invest in Amazon or not, here are some factors that may ease your indecision:

  • High EPS: Amazon’s shares are estimated to reach a value of $2000 per share by next year
  • Hosting the world’s best CEO: Jeff Bezos, worth $131 billion, is the world’s top CEO. He continuously invests in growth opportunities and leads enormous markets by making better deals for consumers
  • The culture of customer value: Having a customer satisfaction score of 85, Amazon is in the lead, leaving its rivals far behind. It has sustained this lead for the last 18 years.
  • High cash flow: It’s cash flow value of nearly over 79% keeps its stock valuation very high

All of this makes Amazon one of the prime companies to invest in, with an ever-increasing value of shares, a drive for perfection and total customer satisfaction, and a desire to provide the best service in any sector they enter. Such are the best qualities of a company when searching for a good investment. So when you hear word of a merger between Amazon and a new company, you’d best divert all your investment into the stocks of that company.

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