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The Complete Guide to How to Book Disney Vacation

The Complete Guide to How to Book Disney Vacation

Are you eager to go on a Disney vacation? Whether you’ve been there several times or haven’t visited once, you know that you’ll have a great time at any Disney resort or park.

But you also want to make sure to plan ahead. As there’s so much to see and do on a Disney vacation, you want to make sure that you enjoy as much of it as possible.

So what do you do to make the most out of your trip?

This guide will show you all you need to know to book a Disney vacation and maximize your fun!

Let’s start with your accommodation.

Stay At A Disney Resort

To make the most out of your Disney vacation, you should book an all-inclusive vacation. Instead of staying at a separate hotel, you can enjoy the full Disney experience if you stay at a Disney resort.

These will have all the amenities to make your trip more enjoyable. They’ll have staff who can recommend the best theme parks and excursions for you to enjoy. They’ll have gift shops where you can buy Disney souvenirs for your children. The rooms will have TVs with access to Disney’s entire library of films and shows.

You’ll also find swimming pools, spas, golf courses, and other forms of recreation at a Disney resort. This means that even when you come home from a theme park, there’ll be more fun waiting for you!


To enjoy a Disney vacation, you need to make sure your budget ahead of time. You have to first consider how many days you’ll spend on your trip.

Let’s say you wish to spend 10 days on your Disney vacation. Of those 10 days, do you wish to spend each day at a theme park? Do you want to spend 2 or 3 days just relaxing at your resort?

You want to consider your eating options. Do you want to eat at great restaurants? Or do you just want to eat enough to provide basic nourishment? Are you planning on buying any souvenirs and gifts?

Make sure you ask yourself these questions to decide how much you wish to spend. You also need to consider your transportation costs, emergency money, etc.

You should also do your research on how you can get discounts and take advantage of promotions. You should look into DVC booking to get discounts on Disney resorts, meal plans, excursions, and souvenirs.

Choosing Your Dates

Take the time to research the best times to take your Disney trip. For example, are you willing to deal with larger crowds? If so weekends and holidays are the best times to go.

If you want to experience the parks without crowds you might want to go during the week. You should also consider what times you wish to visit each park. If there’s a particular ride you wish to enjoy, you want to research what times the queues are the shortest!

Make sure you also research the weather beforehand. Florida is warm all year round. However, you might not be able to handle the heat during the summertime. While the winters aren’t cold (relatively speaking) they might still not be pleasant for some visitors.

You also want to keep an eye on if you can get refunds or postpone your trip in case there are any hurricanes!

You also want to keep in mind that some excursions, amenities, and shows aren’t available all-year-round. Make sure you research beforehand on which dates you should go to enjoy as much as you wish!

Research The Ticket and Package Details

You want to remember that emergencies can happen. As such, you might need to cancel or postpone your Disney vacation. These are the “book now pay later vacations” option where you don’t have to pay until you get closer to the vacation dates.

You want to make sure that the tickets/packages you buy have a great refund policy. If you can’t receive a refund, there should be an option to reschedule your visiting dates at no additional charge.

You want to see if tickets/packages offer you benefits. For example, does a package give you access to swimming pools at all the theme parks? Do your tickets offer discounts at Disney-owned restaurants?

Where possible, choose a ticket that offers you as much as possible. Don’t buy a ticket that only gives you access to the parks without any added benefits.

When looking at different Disney resorts, you want to ask what offers they give you for parks. Some Disney resorts will give you free access to all theme parks. Others will give you discounts for certain theme parks.

Make sure you get as much as you can for as little money as possible!

You want to see if tickets/packages offer any flexibility. For example, one package might give you discounted access to Magic Kingdom.

However, you might prefer to visit Animal Kingdom. If so, you want to ask if this discount can get applied to Animal Kingdom instead of Magic Kingdom.

What to Enjoy?

Finally, you’ve got to decide what you wish to see and do at Disney resorts and theme parks. As there’s only a finite number of things to enjoy, you want to prioritize and plan beforehand. If you are going with a large group, you want to make sure this gets determined before you book your tickets/packages.

If you have young children in the group, they might love Magic Kingdom. If it’s an adults-only trip, you might want to choose a resort that has a golf course. You might also want to look into the fine dining options at both the resort and theme parks.

It’s unlikely you’ll enjoy all the shows and rides available at each park. Make sure you research each of them to decide which ones you all will enjoy.

With families, the “Small World” boat ride is a great option. For adults, roller coasters are always a great option.

Book A Disney Vacation Today

Now you are ready to book a Disney vacation! Make sure you and your group use this guide to plan ahead. If you plan ahead and prepare an itinerary, you’ll make the most of your trip without disappointing anyone!

Be sure to share this guide with anyone else interested in visiting Disney World! You can also find more great travel tips on our website!

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