The Five Essential Divisions In Family Law

The Five Essential Divisions In Family Law

The Five Essential Divisions In Family Law


This division is only relevant to people who are married. When planning to divorce, couples cannot simply settle it in a written agreement, since they would require a court order. Each divorce case varies greatly in terms of when, how and on what grounds you should obtain it. The process can be very smooth and last for just a few hours or it can be messy ad take several years to settle.

Spousal support

In some states or countries, couples who have been living together for more than three years regardless of whether or not they are married may file a legal claim for financial support from the other partner. This is one of the toughest divisions of family law to comprehend due to the numerous factors the court may consider and a broad range of possible outcomes.


Law experts refer this division as Custody and Access. This is also a very complex law to understand. The main concerns are where the children will be spending their time day to day or minute to minute, and how will you make decisions regarding the children, day-to-day or minute-to-minute.

Property division

In simple terms, this division deals with the dividing of the debts and assets spouses acquired when they were together. For married couples, there is a statutory system in place to ensure the division is fair. However, there is no such system for unmarried couples in which case legal ownership comes in handy. Regardless of your situation, this division is full of turns and twists. You cannot handle this law on your own.

Child support

This division of family law comes to play when two individuals have a child together. The court determines who is fit to raise the child in case the two are not living together. In general, most situations involve the child support flowing from one parent to the other. Child support guidelines will govern this issue. The law allows a mother to sue the father for child support if he does not take responsibility of the child.

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