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The Important of a Carbon Filter in Hydroponics

The Important of a Carbon Filter in Hydroponics

If you’re practicing indoor gardening, odour control is a critical part of the process. Odours can really be undesirable and problematic as they affect air circulation inside grow rooms. Once the ventilation system and grow room are up and running, most people overlook air filters perhaps because the odours don’t affect the yield or growth of the crop.  Even so, carbon filters are critical in hydroponics for many reasons and an essential part of modern indoor gardening.

Fresh air free of pollutants

The modern indoor grow room requires more than just good ventilation. Without a carbon filter so many things could go wrong, particularly for the people working or living around the indoor garden. The air is filtered and cleansed as it circulates around. Once affixed to the periphery of a ducting or duct fan mechanism, carbon filter ensures the air remains fresher, odourless and with all the hazardous allergens and spores removed, particularly dangerous to those suffering from asthma and other respiratory complications.

Note that the grow room’s odour can be overpowering and affect the quality of life around. Apart from being objectionable and uncomfortable, the polluted air can be equally dangerous. Carbon filters protect the health of those around while improving the quality of air.

Protection against harmful olfactory fatigue

Olfactory fatigue refers to a temporary inability by the nose to take in a flagrance or smell. It’s a normal response resulting from longer exposure to a certain odour. While it’s not a complication it can be dangerous in a grow area. Once the nose has lost its sensitivity to pick up odours and polluted air from an indoor garden it doesn’t mean the nose isn’t being overloaded or affected by the stench. With so many harmful particles in the air and olfactory fatigue having been activated any person around is most likely breathing in impurities in the air such as spores.

Those breathing in the air could manifest serious allergies and suffer from serious breathing complications almost impossible to heal and recover from. While olfactory fatigue is dealt with by smelling something else such as your skin or leaving the odour-filled room, it’s still not sufficient since you still have to manage your grow room, sometimes for a hours. That’s where carbon filters come in.

Carbon filters use processed charcoal (activated carbon) that has gone through an oxygen and heat treatment leaving behind minute billions of pores between the charcoal’s carbon atoms. As such, the material becomes highly absorbent and centrifugal fans in the filter draw the grow room’s air in. All pollutants and odour compounds enter the minute pores and affix themselves on the triggered carbon molecules. As the filtered air leaves the hydroponics surroundings all the pathogens and odours are removed.

Safe working conditions

Obviously, every person deserves to work in safe surroundings including those working in grow rooms. Olfactory fatigue leaves those around the heavy odours accustomed to them so much that they usually don’t detect any stink.

Carbon filters affixed on the ventilation system of an indoor garden mean that no one will be breathing pathogens and polluted air within the grow area and around it. The filter is largely low in weight, easy and simple to install, long lasting and moves a lot of air volume every 60 seconds.

Cost effective

Considering all the particulate entering a carbon filter, if it’s not engineered well it could get clogged up rendering it ineffective. However, a pre-filter mechanism in quality filter brands ensure soil, dust and other particles don’t enter the system. As such, you’re assured of a cost effective carbon filter that will serve you for a long time, including any other equipment being operated with the filter such as the inline fan. While other air filtration systems are costly, carbon filters and grow tent kits for grow rooms are affordable, operate optimally and filter the air as expected.

Odour control methods, such as use of flagrances and perfumes could damage and destroy the crop being grown. That’s why you can’t use any air filtration and odour control system. Carbon filters simply do their odour filtration without any effect on plants and help reduce carbon emissions damaging the Ozone.

If the grow room isn’t filtered the odours, pathogens and harmful particles in the air and outside can bring about serious health complications to almost anyone living or working around. Installing a carbon filter protects the health of those who frequent the grow room while keeping the overall carbon footprint down.

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