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Tips On How To Properly Adjust Your Car’s Seat For The Proper Driving Position

Tips On How To Properly Adjust Your Car's Seat For The Proper Driving Position

There is a need for every driver to be in a position that is comfortable and proper when they are driving. They need to sit up straight with their shoulders against the seat.

This is the rule of thumb. However, you need to pay attention to each body part – Where does your arm go? Where should your legs be? How should my hands be placed on the steering wheel?

To make this post cohesive, let’s start with the basics – adjusting your Mercedes seat adjustment switch.

Adjusting your Mercedes seat adjustment switch

It is important to remember that seat comfort is easily achieved with the correct distribution of the driver’s weight, as well as its support for the entire body. Moreover, the ability to make adjustments should the need arise and change position are also critical in ensuring a proper driving position.

Keeping everything leveled

If there is one thing that you can get from this article, it is the word “leveling.” This is key because the steering wheel of your car should be pointed at your chest. The top must be at a certain level with your shoulder to avoid arm aches. If there is a need to do so, adjust your tiller’s height accordingly.

See to it that you are relaxed

The key to adjusting your position and ensuring that the Mercedes seat adjustment switch is on is so that you are less tensed and more relaxed while driving. As mentioned earlier, your back must be placed firmly against the seat. You need to be able to extend your arms to see your wrists sitting comfortably on top of the steering wheel.

A key point in assessing whether you have the right driving position is if your shoulders lift off the seat, there is a need for adjustment. Your shoulders should be against the seat even when your hands are on top of the steering wheel.

Watch your hands

Before, drivers would follow the ten-to-two position. Now, drivers are expected to follow the quarter-to-three position. Your hands should be on top of the wheel with the quarter-past-three position as it is much safer and will not obstruct your airbag. Moreover, this position also gives you more control when maneuvering the car.

Watch your feet

Of course, if we are going to watch your hands, you need to be able to assess whether your feet are in the right position. Your right heel should be on the floor between the brake and the accelerator. Furthermore, your foot should be comfortable in swiveling between the two even without lifting it off the floor.

Check your seat belt

Keep in mind that there should be no knots or twists in the seat belt. These are designed to be fitted across the strongest points in a human skeleton system. Thus, you have to adjust your seat belt in a way that the seat belt adjuster should be even with your right ear.

Hoping that all of these were helpful so that you can better prepare yourself for the long drive ahead!

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