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Types and what to look for in Water Hoses

Types and what to look for in Water Hoses

A water hose is a rubber or vinyl pipe that is specifically designed to carry water around your home. These pipes can be installed around your home for efficient watering of plants or grass in your garden. A rubber Water hose will vary according to their make. They are made of different materials but they all have one role and that is to make your garden appealing. There are many other advantages that you get from installing water hose fittings apart from efficiency.

Types of Water Hoses

Lightweight Hoses – They are made of vinyl to facilitate easier kinking. They also come in smaller diameters since they have additional plastic layers on the outer side. Light duty Hoses are less costly compared to the other types.

Expandable Hoses – These pipes are light-weight but they tend to expand up to three times their usual length when carrying water. They expand only when in use and therefore, they are easy to store. They are many people’s favourite maybe it’s due to their attractive variety of colours or their lightweight.

Drinking-Water Safe Hose Pipes


They are made of non-toxic FDA approved inner cores without harmful chemicals. They are used in cases where pets drink water directly from the pipes or with RVs and Boats.

Soaker Hoses – These are pipes designed to for watering your garden. Their walls have many tiny holes that pour water at a regulated rate. Water from the holes oozes slowly into the ground once the pipes are turned on.

Coiled Hoses – These are pipes that can coil the same as a spring. They are a bit similar to lay flat hose. They are uncoiled before use and then coiled back after being used. They are used to water small gardens since they come in short lengths and diameters.

What to look for in a Hosepipe

Length – You should not buy a pipe that is too long for your garden. This will only quicken the rate of damage to the pipe. The pipe should be of a length almost equivalent to the length of your garden to prevent the need for using many hose connectors.

The material of the pipe– Pipes made of rubber are better than the others. They have a longer duration period since they are not prone to cracking. This made it possible for their high abilities to kink.

Flexibility– you should confirm that your pipe is highly kinky. The more a hosepipe can bend without breaking the longer it will last before breaking.

Hose diameter– This will be a clear indication of the rate of water flow a pipe can support. Hose pipes with bigger diameters have high water flow.

Similar to water hoses are Air hoses. They are used to ferry compressed air in pneumatic systems and industries alongside inflating a car or bicycle tyre.

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