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Wedding Invitations Do’s and Dont’s Explained

Wedding Invitations Do's and Dont's Explained

Weddings are an amazing time to create some truly wonderful memories. We all know that weddings in India are a huge deal. People spend a lot of money and almost every person the couple has ever met in their lives is invited to these shindigs! So, it’s a given that you spend some money and extra care in choosing the correct wedding invitation for your guests. But did you know that there are a few rules when it comes to wedding invitations?

Here are some of the do’s and dont’s when it comes to wedding invitations:

#1. Information Is Key

When it comes to wedding invitations, information is key. Make them as informative as possible and also ensure that all the details regarding the venue, dates, address and dress code if any are mentioned correctly. Another Way you could make it informative is by adding your website/gift registry link and even what to put the location as on Google Map or Uber/ Ola apps so it’s easier for the guests to navigate.

#2. Perfect Timing

When sending out wedding invitations, the timing is really important. If you send out the invitations too early then there’s a chance that it may slip the people’s mind. But if you send it out too late, your guests will have a hard time trying to fit this into their calendar and may even get offended that you’ve invited them as an afterthought. Generally, it’s best to send out invites at least 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding.

#3. Personal Touch

Giving a personal touch when inviting people is another important factor to look into when it comes to wedding invitations. The non-negotiable rule here is that you call each person personally. Also, make sure to address the invitation correctly. For couples it is “Mr & Mrs {Husband’S Full Name}” and for singles, it is titles followed by the full name.

#4. Making it Cost effective

While weddings demand a lot of budgets its easier to go light on the invites. So its always better to go for the E-invites rather than the paper invites. Along with it being cost effective they are also a time-save and best for the environment.

If you’re having a huge wedding and feel like you can’t do everything in the guide by yourself, rope in family and friends to help you out with your wedding invitations. Ensure that they invite people personally and have an amazing wedding!

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