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What is MRI scan? Can we go for MRI scan in Kalyan?

What is MRI scan? Can we go for MRI scan in Kalyan?

MRI, which is also known as magnetic resonance imaging is a process to detect tumours in human body. People suffering from cancers are asked to go for an MRI test. MRI creates pictures for soft tissues of the body, that can’t be seen using any other imaging test. Doctors do MRI tests to determine if their patient has cancer or not. MRI along with dye can also detect brain and spinal cord tumours. MRI scan centres are available everywhere. You can go for MRI scan in Kalyan. There is one famous MRI centre, and it’s name is Maxis MRI Prabhadavi. I strongly insist you to go to this MRI centre if you need to go for an MRI.

What is the difference between an MRI and CT scan?

People generally fail to understand the difference between MRI and city scan. Why? Perhaps, because both are used to capture images within body! But MRI and City scans are two different things and their biggest difference is that in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, experts use radio waves to detect tumours. While in City scans (computed tomography) X-rays are used.MRI’s actually provide more detailed information of the inner organs, such as brain skeletal system, and other reproductive organs as compared to city scans. But MRI scan can cause safety issues because they run with the help of a magnet. City scans use X-rays while Magnetic resonance imaging uses powerful magnetic fields, and radio frequency to produce pictures of special organs. MRI scan is more powerful but to check things like bleeding in brain, city scan is better.

What should I do before an MRI test?

On the prescribed date of your MRI scan, you can eat, drink, and take medicines just like other days. Unless advised otherwise. Few doctors ask their patient to not eat or drink for at least 4 hours before going for an MRI test. And sometimes they can even ask you to drink a lot of water before going for MRI. So I suggest you to ask your doctor about these things before going for MRI and act accordingly.

What actually happens in an MRI scan?

You may get surprised to know that nothing great happens during an MRI test. A patient is advised to lie on the bed which is moved into the scanner. Well, it depends upon the part of your body which is scanned. They can move your head into the scanner first or feet. And when scanning is already being done sometimes a loud noise is also heard. The MRI scanner forms strong and powerful magnetic fields around the area which is to be imaged. And then energy is applied to the patient at appropriate frequency. The various other processes inside the scanner take place and a clear image of the person’s body is formed.

What are the components of MRI scanner?

The main components of MRI scanner are magnets and shim coils. While Shim coils are used to correct shifts in the homogeneity of the main magnetic field. Magnets are used to polarize the sample. It consists of two other systems the gradient system, and the RF system. The gradient system is used to localize the signal. And the other system RF is used excite the sample. And the whole system consisting of various components is controlled by computer.

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