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Why one should stay in a PG

Why one should stay in a PG

There are many people who are choosing to stay in a paying guest accommodation these days rather than just renting out any apartment in a city alone. Why they are choosing to stay in a PG first of all? The main reason is that they are very much affordable for the students who have just reached a new city for higher studies and do not have the facility to stay in a hostel. Not only that, PG accommodation is also the first choice for those who are working professionals in a new city and also who are staying alone.

One can easily look for PG near Manyata tech park if they are staying in Bangalore and if their office is nearby. Staying in a PG is very comfortable and much more convenient because there are very few people who can afford to buy a flat or a house after working for a few years in a different city. In fact, some have their own preferences and they do not even want to buy a house where they are working currently because these days job profiles are something where people keep shifting companies and hence they also keep moving from one city to another every 3 to 5 years. If one stays in a city with their family then renting a proper flat is a great idea. But if one stays alone in a new city then there is no point in renting a flat and one should go for a PG accommodation instead.

Here are some major reasons to live in a PG.


This is a great advantage when it comes to PG. This rent factor is a huge deal for the rising popularity of a PG. They are any day lesser than that of renting a home. In comparison to the rents of any independent house, a PG rent cost much lesser. In fact, those who are new to their jobs cannot afford renting a flat and so staying at a PG can be a great idea for them too and that for an economical reason.

Optimum social security

In fact PGs are more secured than any rented apartment. They always offer a higher social security and one can also get some good and dependable roommates (who can also later turn to good friends). PGs are said to be much safer because they are mostly situated in a society premise and the owner of the building either stays in the same building or in a close by building. So even if there is any emergency there can always be immediate help.


PGs also have a lot of facilities. If one looks for best PG in manyata tech park then they can always loofk for ones which has all the basic facilities like electricity, WI-Fi, basic furniture and running water.

There are also some PGs which have homemade meal provisions as well and one can also give up the headache of cooking every day after office if they take the meal program.

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