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Will the Jackpot Hit Again On September Toto Results

Will the Jackpot Hit Again On September Toto Results

If you are lucky then you may win millions after the September toto results are out. Actually Singapore Toto is one of the best lottery games in Singapore and it is considered to be the second best lottery game in the country. Only the other lottery game 4-digits can outperform this game by Singapore Pools. You can buy your tickets from any Singapore Pools outlets and wait for results that are declared on Monday and Thursday. On an average the monthly bet for the Toto is about 48 Singaporean dollars.

Launched in the year 1968 it is considered as the longest running lottery game of the country. Today it is not only a favorite game for the Singaporeans but its fame has crossed the boundaries too. The game is so attractive due to its characteristics. To make it more attractive different changes has been introduced over the years that have made this game more popular. Like, earlier there was no jackpot when there were no winners but now ‘snowballing’ is introduced and that is quite exciting.

Toto How to Play

There’s a base ticket cost of 1 Singapore dollar. Singapore Pools Toto additionally considers frameworks to be played. Frameworks comprise of a greater arrangement of numbers, which can potentially build the chances of winning and furthermore empower players to guarantee various prizes. The number range begins at 1 and goes up to 49. Players need to pick at any rate 6 numbers in the range. An extra number will likewise must be picked. So as to win any prize, players need to coordinate in any event 3 numbers to the ones drawn.

The littlest framework comprises of 7 numbers. The expense is 7 dollars. An arrangement of 12 will cost 924 dollars to play, however the one highlights the most ideal chances of asserting prizes.

Aside from the standard ongoing interaction alternative, Singapore Pools additionally has an open door known as Group Toto. Generally, Group Toto considers syndicates to consolidate powers, purchase a greater number of tickets and split any inevitable prize won by the gathering.

To take an interest in Group Toto, every player needs to put down a wager of at any rate 7 dollars. The ticket slip needs Group Toto set apart on it for the wager to be substantial. When the choice is checked and approved, the purchaser should let the retail setting agent what a number of tickets are to be printed.

Toto SGP Results and Prize Calculator

The greatest prize in Singapore Pools Toto is the jackpot. It will be won by the player that matches every one of the 6 fundamental numbers for the individual drawing. Thirty-eight percent of the prize pool for the particular drawing will be committed to the top honor. There is additionally a base ensured Singapore Pools Toto jackpot of 1 million Singapore dollars.

The chances of winning the jackpot are 1 out of 13,983,816.

Singapore’s Toto had its greatest jackpot to date, fall in February 2016. When, the total had arrived at 13.943 million Singapore dollars (around 10.4 million US dollars). Two individuals had speculated the right numerical mix. Every single one of them asserted 6.971 million dollars since Singapore doesn’t force charges on lottery prizes.

The greatest jackpot asserted by a solitary Singapore Pools Toto player is 9.55 million dollars, and the whole fell in February 2016, too. Wait for the September toto results, you may win the next jackpot, may be the largest!!

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