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You Can Personalize Plantable Seed Paper for Any Kind of Event

You Can Personalize Plantable Seed Paper for Any Kind of Event

Plantable Seed Paper can be used for any kind of occasion and can make great favors. Seed favors are nowadays very popular, which can be offered to any guests, and can be used for different occasions besides just for weddings.

People now have started using this plantable seed paper for fun-filled theme parties or any solemn occasion like christening service, funeral/memorial service etc.

The best part of such seeded paper is that it can be made available in any kind of shape, even as a little plantable favor box or gift tag.

Whatever type of event you may be planning, you can always use seed paper and it will fit perfectly well and will be your favorable choice. Following are few occasions where people can use these seed papers.

  1. Home party meant for your business

You will find plenty of people are trying to join on direct sales for home-party businesses.

People can plan to host any kind of home party such as:

  • Pampered Chef
  • Mary Kay
  • Thirty-One

For all such occasions, you just use few numbers of plantable seed papers that can make fantastic choice for game winner gift.

  1. Baby showers

If you want to welcome a little one in your family then you can use shaped seed papers and share with all your party guests. Also, you can buy a few to offer them as prize for winners of a game.

  1. Christenings or first holy communions

Use a beautiful cross-shaped papers to celebrate new little life.

  1. Memorial or funeral services

In memory of any deceased, use a personalize beautiful seed papers in cross-shape for all your guests. You can always place them separately within a box/basket and hand them personally.

  1. Graduations favors

By planting cap or tassel shaped papers, you can symbolize your new beginning after school.

  1. Birthday party favors

As reminder of fun birthday party, kids can have fun by taking all these papers home to plant them in the gardens.

  1. Housewarming parties

You can offer your guests a plantable herb seed paper for them to carry plant at home.

  1. Wedding favors

Most couples look for such unique ideas particularly for their wedding and seed their wedding favor and can make the celebration and also stand out in minds of all their guests.

If you are using as seating place cards on the tables, these cards can do double as favors by using these plantable cards.

Why are such personalized version of plantable seed papers a great choice?

These are not something, your guests use on the counter as decoration. They will prefer to plant seeds and like to watch them to grow as herbs, so that they may use in various recipes.

How to decide which seeds to give

You can find many different seed papers, which you can use for keepsakes or favors from flowering plants into trees and also herbs. Just let the occasion or theme of your event be the guide.

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