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How To Move Valuables Items in a Move

Prevention Is Always Better Than Regret, You’ve heard it hundreds of times. These words are especially relevant when it comes to moves.

If you want your valuables to arrive at their destination in perfect condition, you should make these words your mantra. We have some tips for moving valuables.

Tips for Moving Your Valuables in Moves

  1. To ensure complete control, make an inventory of the important items in your moves. You will need to make an inventory with the moving company. In case of any misunderstandings, your information will be available for comparison.
  2. Make sure all items are properly packaged and in inboxes. All valuables are wrapped with bubble wrap.
  3. Make sure you have checked the safety of your valuables in the transport vehicle.

These simple steps and hiring a moving company will ensure that your valuables arrive at your new residence safely. You can always use storage options during moving. But how much does pod storage cost?


How To Move Appliances in a Move

Moving appliances can be one of the most difficult phases of a move. These large, fragile pieces require special care. Are you familiar with how appliances should move in a move?


Tips For Moving Appliances in a Move

The method of transfer depends on the size and function of the device. Our first recommendation is to have professionals remove appliances.

We should not attempt to move large or medium-sized appliances on our own. It will be a habit that we keep repeating. To prevent accidents and facilitate the work, at least two people must cooperate.

Small appliances like mixers, sandwich makers, and toasters can be stored in inboxes. You can cover each piece with packaging and try to offset the weight to not make heavy boxes that are difficult to move later.

Appliances with ice must be removed at least 2 days before moving. These appliances include refrigerators and freezers. They must also be empty. If appliances like dishwashers or washing machines use water, it is necessary to drain the hoses. This will ensure that there is no liquid inside when is moving.

To prevent appliances from breaking, any moving parts, such as the oven tray, should be wrapped with bubble wrap. They should not be left unattended. We either use packing tape to prevent them from moving or keep them in separate bags.

As the last suggestion, we recommend that you use the move for thorough cleaning of the appliance’s interior, something we aren’t used to doing as often.

Perfect Timing Moving is here to assist you with your Move. So don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts will ensure that your appliances are safe during the Transfer.

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